XWhy Every Modern Small Business Should Invest In A Time Card App

XWhy Every Modern Small Business Should Invest In A Time Card App

Managing your business and your employees is a lot of work. From keeping track of attendance to making sure employees get paid properly, there are a lot of logistics that have to be handled for things to flow smoothly and for the business to be profitable.

Doing all of this manually is even more complex and can be costly for the company in terms of money, resources, and time to manage these logistics effectively. The most important thing for a business is staying profitable and being as efficient as possible.

One way to help to improve business operations and employee performance are by investing in tools that can help automate much of the time tracking and attendance process. One of those tools is a time card app.

A time card app like buddypunch.com is an invaluable tool for small businesses to help them manage their employees, improve efficiency, save on overages and maximize their profits. Good employee timesheet software will do more than just track employee time, though; it will also help in several other areas that will benefit your small business.


  • 1 Eliminate Time Theft
  • 2 Give Employees More Autonomy
  • 3 Improve Payroll Accuracy and Lower Costs
  • 4 Lower Chance For Mistakes
  • 5 It is a More Honest System
    • 5.1 The Bottom Line

Eliminate Time Theft

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One of the biggest drains on a small business is wasted time and lost productivity. This often comes in the form of time theft. Time theft can occur for several reasons. Employees can clock in for each other, otherwise known as “buddy punching.” They may perform personal business while on the clock or simply waste time and not do their job.

There is also the issue of altering timesheets when employees keep their own time. Even unintentional time theft is a problem when employees forget to clock out for breaks or log overtime because they cannot finish assigned tasks during their regular shift. This is not only a problem in terms of productivity; small businesses can lose a lot of money from the increased labor costs.

A time card app eliminates the potential for time theft because it can verify identity first before calculating employee time automatically. This means no buddy punching and no inflating timesheets.

Productivity trackers can be added to the online timesheet software to see what employees are doing and whether or not they are accomplishing their work. Managers can also send alerts to employees to make sure they take their breaks and clock in and out correctly, and if an employee is logging a lot of overtime, they will be able to see it and address the issue.

Give Employees More Autonomy

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Employees are generally more productive when they aren’t being looked over constantly because the pressure of being micromanaged can make them uncomfortable. They may also become resentful that the company doesn’t trust them. Not only that, having to check with a manager after everything they do is time-consuming and inefficient.

A time and attendance app makes it where employees don’t have to be constantly micromanaged and overseen because the job clock keeps track of everything, and managers can have the information they need in real-time. This way, employees and management can adjust to changing situations in the workplace.

Improve Payroll Accuracy and Lower Costs

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Another considerable expense that small businesses incur is processing employee pay. When done manually, there is a higher chance for errors and mistakes in both the employees’ timesheets and when the payroll department processes the timesheets. This costs time and money to fix and can cause issues with employees when their payments are delayed. It is also difficult to keep proper records of employee pay.

A timesheet management helps keep payroll accurate by automatically recording time and wages in real-time and down to the minute. This makes errors a non-issue. Payroll integrations make it possible to send timesheet data directly to the payroll department and process it for expedient employee payments. This saves time and money but can also decrease the need for payroll employees.

Therefore, you will secure that your workers will be paid for every extra minute they spent while completing their tasks. A mistake where people are not recognized for their hard work can be quite serious and will lead to bad relations between workers and management. The situation can be even more complicated with remote workers, which is a very popular option in recent years.

The procrastination and lower productivity are even more often in this model of working. When you are using a software that will track the activity and time spent on different tasks, it will be easier to notice the valuable workforce, and provide them with the right motivation and bonuses. When it comes to the cost-saving feature, it will simply prevent you from overpaying some people.

Lower Chance For Mistakes

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One of the biggest advantages is that you will be able to create a more accurate reward-tracking system and monitoring where you can see which workers deserve a higher wage over time, but also if there are people who might need motivation, monitoring, the assistance of HR department, and more.

Also, this will help people to avoid mistakes and misconceptions, while they can also feel less stressed at work as well. For example, if some of your workers are trying to get noticed by spending more time at work by working overtime, or being more active during the regular working hours, you might not be able to notice that without the time-tracking software. Therefore, it will help you to evaluate people and decide if any of them deserve a raise or a promotion.

On the other side, chances for lower motivation and procrastination are also possible. For example, if someone is constantly getting late to work, missing deadlines, avoiding important tasks, and more, this software will help you to notice that before it become a more serious issue. Besides that, some people might be trying their best to get noticed and promoted, which leads them to work overtime, and it can be a problem if no one from your company notice that after some time.

It is a More Honest System

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The best way to understand why honesty is important is when a whole group from one sector is getting a bonus or a raise, but only several people from that group were actually responsible for some successful project. People who weren’t spending more time on their work activities might feel great about this, and try to become even better at finding shortcuts to skip certain assignments.

It will lead to lower productivity. On the other side, those hard workers responsible for all of the work will feel frustrated since no one is paying enough attention to them as individuals, which might lead them to start looking for another job.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many benefits of starting to use time-tracking software. One of the main advantages is that it will allow you to keep the active projects on the right track. Also, you will be able to create a more accurate and honest reward-tracking system for valuable people and prevent issues with those who might want to try skipping some schedules and assignments.

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